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Monday, January 01, 2007

Hey you! Come with me! My Blog has Moved to www.triciawang.vox.com!

tricia wang #2
Originally uploaded by triciawang 王 圣 㨗.

Tricia's new blog site! I'm moving the party over to Vox. After DavidJacobs and Adriana invited me - I've finally made the move. So change add this new VOX RSS or ATOM feed to your newsreaders.

This is my last post on Blogger - thanks for the hosting but I'm moving to a new home.

David keeps promising a script to move all my blogger.com posts over to Vox - and I am still holding him to it - but I'm gonna switch now. Vox is so much cooler than Blogger! Vox is the new thing. Vox is where I am at - Vox is where everyone is at. Vox is it. Vox Vox Vox Vox Vox Vox Vox VOX!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Darling Little Wretches

Darling Little Wretches
brooklyn, nyc
There was something SOOo darling about the kids that I couldn't stop laughing and taking pictures. The little boy in the yellow shirt with glasses is a just darling little wretch - watch him play with the boy in the red rain jacket, as Master Shabu comes over and reprimands them in frame #3. AFter he leaves, our Darling Little Wretch starts creating trouble again, then the boy to his left is trying to intimidate the girl by taking her hat but she's not having any of it. I love kids - they are so darling and naughty at the same time.

Kenyatta in 55 Seconds

Kenyatta in 55 Seconds

Q Train- Man Reading and Man Resting

Q Train #2

Woman Walking Past Bus Stop (Brooklyn)

Woman Walking

Kelli with Peso and Lucy

Kelli with Peso and Lucy

Pho PhoSure


Last Day of Class: beers and crepes galore

Last Day of Class: beers and crepes galore

Ok I Truly Suck at Parallel Parking Now...but who's gonna care in Santa Monica LA

Ok I Truly Suck at Parallel Parking Now...but who's gonna care in Santa Monica  LA

Foggy SF as Usual - Crossing Bay Bridge

Foggy San Francisco from the Bay Bridge

Driving into SF to See Liane & take my AUnt to Taiwan

Driving Into San Francisco to see Liane

Hoboken-New Jersey in San Diego-CA

Hoboken-New Jersey in San Diego-CA

Amartya Sen Luncheon

Amartya Sen Luncheon #5

Kenyatta Bubbles - with Rueven

Kenyatta Bubbles

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Google Search Algorithms as Revealing of Collective Social Stereotypes: The Hyper-Sexualized Asian American Woman

Side by Side of Asian women and Caucasian Women

I performed a Google Image Search just on "Asian women," "American women," and "Asian American women" for a presentation that I made on stereotypes and identities of Asian American Youth. I wanted to demonstrate the pervasive stereotypes of Asian women as hyper-hyper sexualized bodies and that general cultural stereotype was also evident in a simple online image search where the rankings are based on algorithms.

The screenshot of the results are in the picture above. You can see a comparison of the results for Asian Women (on the left) in comparison to Caucasian Women (on the right). The Asian American Google Image Search revealed pictures of every Asian woman naked, legs spread open, and in a sexual positions. In contrast, the Caucasian Women search revealed a variety of images of women from wearing suits to profile shots. None of the Caucasian women were naked or in a sexual position.

When I presented my search during my talk, someone asked ted me to type in “Korean, Japanese, black, African America." Even after performing each of those searchers, “Asian women” still won as the most sexualized google image search. When you perform the search based on more specific cultures, like “Dominican” - it’s not as sexualized as “Latina.” Same for when you search “Japanese” - it’s not as sexualized as “Asian.” Sometimes sweeping stereotypes are easier for mass groupings of people.

From the search results, there are no other groups that are as sexualized as the generic “Asian woman.” Latina comes the closest. You can see for “Arab women” you can plenty of images of the stereotypes veiled woman.

SO for Google searches – it’s just based on algorithms on what users are clicking through and page ranking based on how many sites point to the webpage - which all determines the relevancy of the answers to the search query.

But just a simple Google search can show the type of social stereotypes that exist out there – based on the distribution of what internet users are clicking, pointing and linking to. And in this case I think it can even demonstrate the extent of a stereotype. In Google image search, there are no hierarchies of approval that the images have to go through as opposed to traditional media (newspapers, TV shows and etc), where images usually become racialized in the approval process. Try the google search yourself -make sure the "safe mode" it turned off.

click on the set to see the other see the other google searches I performed or try your own google image search - make sure the "safe mode" it turned off.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Joe is not a jaywalker

Santa monica, ca

Friday, November 10, 2006

Long Weekend Cheers

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Car Creatures

Car Creatures, originally uploaded by triciawang 王 圣 㨗.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Thank you Ari - She created my beautiful website! Presenting the New YouMeiTI

Who's the best web designer in the world to work with - ARI MOORE! arimoore.com/
Thanks to her my blog on chinese youth/technology and media has been revived -
I stopped blogging for a while b.c of moving and life changes that didn't permit me to be my usual bloggy self - but I can confidently say that I can handle doing at least 2 posts a week to YouMeiTI. youmeiti.com/.
Of all the web designers I have ever worked with - Ari not only has the creative talent - but she's so COMFORTABLE and easy to work with! She's not one of those designers that who act all weird when you don't like something - she also communicates really well - so she doesn't hold up resentment for any changes you ask for - and what I love is that I really felt she was designing for my needs and tastes based on her creative eye. She also thinks about all those technical details that many designers overlook.
thank you ari for being so patient with me - you rock!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another Shirt I love!

IMG_3374, originally uploaded by eugevon.

taken by http://www.flickr.com/photos/eugevon/

My Dream Outfit

IMG_3628, originally uploaded by eugevon.

taken by http://www.flickr.com/photos/eugevon/

Crossing the Busiest Border in the World: Tijuana

I always feel so weird when I leave the USA borders - whether I am going as far as China or as close as Mexico. It always reminds me of how much movement I have in this lifetime with a US passport and US citizenship. I can't help but think about all the people who risk their lives to get into the US. And here I am - I can just come and go with little worry, concern or planning. I don't have to be afraid of not being let back into the country. And it feels so weird to cross the Mexican-USA border - b.c it's literally right next to each other - separated by a grain of dirt with a tall fence demarcating entire lives and history.
thank you priya for driving!


Friday, November 03, 2006

Sleeping in the sunshine

Sleeping in the sunshine, originally uploaded by AllenHsu.

taken by http://www.flickr.com/photos/allenhsu

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My new Solution for Feeling Lonely while I am driving:introducing Orange Blossom

things I love about orange blossom:
1.) I have someone to take care - I buckle her in.
2.) she let's me hold her hand when I feel lonely
3.) she has really really short legs, her legs to upper body ratio is skewed to her upper body - so my purse still fits on the seat
4.) I have someone's head to pet
5.) It makes a big difference to have someone always waiting for you in the car!
6.) she always welcomes me with her bright eyes and smiles- I mean come on she's strawberry shortcake's best friend!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Heritage Experiment Round Up

This is the ultimate craziness of a society obsessed with their "genes" and "celebrities." This site allows you to upload a photos and scans it to see which celebrity you look like. Before I did this I already thought I am going to either be recognized as Lucy Liu or Zhang Zi yi. The one they said I looked like the most was ....guess ----Zhang Zi Yi! Surprise! Of course then in step 4 you create your celebrity look alike ciricle - and Lucy Liu resembled me 83%. The surprise was that Brittney Murphy resembles me 78% with Aretha Franklin falling behind at 75%. So does this mean I am the super Pangea Asian? I am trying this out for a fun test - and I am curious how many damn asians they actually have to chose from.
Can some others do this also -even if you are not asian - and can you tag yoru photo "my heritage" AND experiment? I mean how many asian celebrities are there to begin with - and how do they scan for likeness? And what value does a silly experiment have? What does it make someone feel if they look like a certain celebrity? And what's up with this site breaking it down to visual heritage? I need to think about this some more before I can write about it. Test it out and put those tags on! I am so curious to see what other celebrities are in their heritage bank.
1. 1.) Scanning My Face, 2. 2.) Recognizing my Face, 3. 3.) Oh GUess What - i look like Zhang Zi Yi - ( I totally don't!), 4. 4.) ALl the faces that looked like Mine -, 5. my Final Celebrity Heritage Palette

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Firefighter Bulldog.

Firefighter Bulldog., originally uploaded by lonnehendrix.

taken by lonnehendrix

Cop Bulldog.

Cop Bulldog., originally uploaded by lonnehendrix.

taken by lonnehendrix

Patty Hearst.

Patty Hearst., originally uploaded by lonnehendrix.

taken by lonnehendrix

Monday, October 30, 2006

Yusuke Stripe Titillation

We love Yusuke!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Joe and Orange Blossom in my car

Henry - joe and me - all setting up our skype video

Skype Chat with Joe and Puco Loco

puco loco is tittilicious -

Brooklyn in Santa Monica

Henry in my Car

Henry in my Car, originally uploaded by triciawang 王 圣 㨗.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


smile, originally uploaded by rent-a-moose.

I love rent a moose's photos: http://flickr.com/photos/rent-a-moose

Legalize Chalk

694.jpg, originally uploaded by charles.hope.

charles took this photo: http://flickr.com/photos/charleshope/

Zombie Karl Marx -

Zombie Karl Marx, originally uploaded by jlstern.

Jon has the best ideological hegemonic sociologically correct species-life-being festishized alienated from fetishized false conciousness camera obscura of material dialectical surplus exchange value costumes of the entire conditional history of human kind. I now must be your Engelian lover for Halloween.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Attack of the Crackhead Raccoon

Some crack head tried to break into our place in Brooklyn, and then Raccoons tried to break into adriene's and my place in san Diego. I was grading papers and had my head resting against my window - which thankfully was close, and a raccoon jumped onto the window and started frantically scratching off the screen to break in! But at this point I couldn't see that it was a raccoon b.c my face was against the window - all I could see were two BLACK EYES lined with fur and something deliriously scratching at the glass!!! I thought it was a freaking bear on the 2nd floor. By then I had screamed my head off and I jumped away to see this thing hop over to my window that was open with a removable screen. As a went to grab my swifter to hit this thing - it started taking off my window screen! I am not kidding. I went over and yelled at it - and took adriene's camera and of course in my moment of fear I found 3 seconds of calmness to capture a picture. Then a second raccoon friend came out of no where - and I realized they were trying to eat the persimmons on the tree in the background - and the tallest branches reached the roof to my room. I live in the freaking country. where is brooklyn when I need you- would I rather have a crack head attempt a break in or a raccoon? what's worse - they are both fearless and crazy - a scary combo - but also they are easily scared away once they realize the unfeasibility of the break in. raccoon or crackheads - take your pick.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

John and Adriene - Testing out Lip Gloss

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Adriene and Tricia Pop

Comic Book Tricia and Adriene

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Peso The Angel of Love

standard nipple works.

standard nipple works., originally uploaded by yatta.

Kenyatta took this photoe "When I used to commute into Manhattan from Jersey, one of my daily rituals would be to look for this old factory sign on my train ride home."

Posturing Poodles

Posturing, originally uploaded by The Pack.

I love this person's phots of his poodles: http://flickr.com/photos/thepack/

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

El Cuervo's Shrimp Dish with Kelli

Monday, October 16, 2006

Working with Peso in My Lap

Sd, ca

Digital Tribal Village Wrap Up at the Pala Tribe


Here is Eugene's photos: www.flickr.com/photos/communitytechnology/sets/7215759431...

1. IMG_0008.JPG, 2. IMG_0005.JPG, 3. IMG_0004.JPG, 4. IMG_0003.JPG, 5. IMG_0001.JPG, 6. IMG_0096.JPG, 7. IMG_0094.JPG, 8. IMG_0093.JPG, 9. IMG_0088.JPG, 10. IMG_0084.JPG, 11. IMG_0077.JPG, 12. IMG_0067.JPG, 13. IMG_0059.JPG, 14. IMG_0055.JPG, 15. IMG_0054.JPG, 16. IMG_0051.JPG, 17. IMG_0048.JPG, 18. IMG_0047.JPG, 19. IMG_0046.JPG, 20. IMG_0043.JPG, 21. IMG_0041.JPG, 22. IMG_0040.JPG, 23. IMG_0036.JPG, 24. IMG_0033.JPG, 25. IMG_0032.JPG, 26. IMG_0031.JPG, 27. IMG_0030.JPG, 28. IMG_0029.JPG, 29. IMG_0023.JPG, 30. IMG_0022.JPG, 31. IMG_0013.JPG, 32. IMG_0012.JPG, 33. IMG_0011.JPG, 34. IMG_0009.JPG, 35. IMG_0002.JPG

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Post-Marxian Soup as Commodity Fetish....Ummm Delicious!

Dao Sun Noodle House

El Cajon and Texas, SD, CA

leah posing as Hegel, Tricia as Fireballs...too many commies in this noodle house

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lucy as Magritte

Lucy as Magritte, originally uploaded by Little Puppy Dog.

adriene's photo of lucy,

Eugene's photo of legs

IMG_4423, originally uploaded by eugevon.